VEGAN Facials & Skin Care 

All Medik8 Facials are manual facials however we can add Galvanic Facial to any of the bespoke facials to aid extraction and super infuse serums even deeper into the layer of the skin. 

MEDIK8 - AGE DEFYING                      £52

60 Mins

Exclusive PLATINUM Facial , infuses the skin with vitamin C to protect and regenerate. Lifts and firms using Platinum Mask

MEDIK8 - CHARCOAL FACIAL              £52

60 Mins

Exclusive Clarity Facial. Deep cleansing for problematic and blemished skin. Breaks down pore blockages

MEDIK8 - DEEP HYDRATING               £52

60 Mins

Nourishing, comforting and restores dull and flaky skin.

MEDIK8 - CALMING FACIAL               £52

60 Mins

Calms inflamed, hot flushed, red and sensitive skin to aid recovery.

MEDIK8 - GLOWING FACIAL               £52

60 Mins

A great all rounder Facial the is prescriptive to your skin needs, whether its a deep cleanse or hydration, we can cater for all.

SIGNATURE SUPER FACIAL                    £59


Add-on to any Medik8 manual facial, Super extraction and super infusion using galvanic current. This is a result driven super cleanse facial that extracts black heads and pus from acne scaring, then ending with infusion of serums to re-hydrate



Diminishes excess oil, signs of ageing and light scaring. Provides exfoliation, unblocking pores and clearing away dead surface skin to reveal an instantly renewed complexion. Areas of sun damage can be visibly improved.


A Medik8® Signature light to medium peel targeted for pigmentation, age spots, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Helps to minimise melanin production, fades pigmentation, minimises the formation of further pigmentation.

£65 Buy 5 get 1 free


A Medik8® Signature medium peel target for blemish prone skin and enlarged pores.  Unlocks blocked pores, minimises formation of blemishes, helps to normalise skin turnover and promotes a clear complexion.

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