to our Scrub Ritual

Back ritual, scrub, steam, Cleans and Massage                                         30mins                £35

Back Scrub & Wrap - scrub, steam, cleanse and massage                        40mins                 £45

Full Body Ritual, scrub, steam, cleanse and massage                                  60mins                 £59

Full Body Ritual, scrub, steam, cleanse and massage                                    75mins               £69

Swedish massage
Swedish massage  uses a combination of different strokes to help reduce muscular pain, ease joint stiffness and counter stress. 
During the massage, your therapist will use soy bean and wheat germ oil and combine a variety of techniques to help loosen up tense muscles, flush out toxins and drain lymph.

Indian Head massage
The Indian head massage is a type of massage that incorporates the scalp,  head, neck and shoulders with or without oil. This massage will relieve built up tension that can often result in headaches, migraines, neck and back pain.

Full or part body, steam, scrub and massage 
Body cleanse and scrub de-congest blocked pores, deeply exfoliates the areas you cant reach. Hot towels aids in the cleansing of the skin. Followed by an invigorating massage to replace a peaceful and balanced sense of being. A truly melting experience.



Symptoms such as heavy and painful legs or swollen feet and ankles are the result of poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Toxins build up in the organism, which explains such volume fluctuations over the course of a single day or throughout a woman’s cycle.

People who have the following cannot be treated:

- Cancer
- Asthma
- Heart problems
- High/Low blood pressure
- Liver aliments


We will need a doctor's written consent to treat anyone with any of the above conditions.

- Kidney aliments
- Epilepsy
- Diabetes
- Pregnancy
- Fever

35mins £45

45mins £55

55mins £65

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