Laser Hair Removal




4:30 pm

At The Urban Body Bar we use two types of lasers:

1 - NdYag laser for Asian to the darkest skin shades. Skin types IV to VI
2 - Alexandrite Laser used for Caucasian skin types I to III.


A laser is an intensely concentrated beam of light. The energy is extremely focused (the beam direct straight to the area to be treated) rather than diffused so it is very precise, offering more powerful, accurate results. The NdYag penetrate 5mm into the skin while the Alexandrite penetrates 4mm into the skin. Both lasers go deeper than most lasers and are hence more precise and effective.


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. The heat energy is produced by a lamp similar to an ordinary white light. The IPL produces a variety of light waves which diffuses rather than focusing on a certain point. The more the light diffuses the more power is lost. This and the fact that IPLs only penetrate 1mm into the skin making it less effective than lasers. This also heats up the skin and not have any effect on reducing the growth of the hair. IPLs are usually limited to use on fairer skin types. 

Due to the fact that a lot of the IPL energy is diffused and lost. Which would mean a greater number of treatments would be required. At The Urban Body Bar we can reach amazing results within 6 treatments.



10:00 am

IPL's are far cheaper machines then Lasers (usually 1/7th of the cost) however the pricing 
for the treatments in most cases do not reflect the difference in price of the machine.

At the Urban Body Bar we believe in the very best technology to achieve optimum results 
after each and every treatment.

Potential clients MUST note that this is not IPL . IPL'S are NOT Lasers and  there are
differences between them and their performances. Unfortunatly, IPL treatments tend to be
mis-sold as lasers. 

Our comprehensive FREE Laser consultation explains the differences, 
the effectiveness and the safety elements between each type of laser/IPL device.

Why Choose The Urban Body Bar?


11:30 am

Latest in Laser Technology
We have the latest state of the art technology available today. Our Lasers are clinical machines and have the exact wavelength needed to effectively treat the hair in each pulse. We believe in providing laser hair removal using the right lasers for different skin shades as this give optimum results in a minimum number of treatments, which would mean not incurring additional costs for further treatments. One laser machine does not suit all skin shades.

No compromise between speed and efficiency
Our Laser pulses are very short (fast up to 3 milliseconds) so we can provide very fast efficient treatments. Treatment times can vary from 5 mins to 2hrs for full body. For example full legs would only take 35mins to do while underarms takes 5mins. Laser treatments can be done on larger areas, like the legs and back. Full legs can be done in just 30mins with our large laser head size.

Virtually Pain-free and comfortable
Our Laser hair removal is virtually pain-free as they are combined with a cooling system that can be set to a comfortable cold air level that suits you. The cooling system is a totally separate device that clips the laser hand piece and constantly emits cold air, before, during and after the treatments. This minimises the  build up of heat on the skin. Post treatments we can further cool the skin using aloe vera gel combined with the cool air. Most clients find this more comfortable than waxing. Don't take our word for it, let us prove it to you in a patch test.

Lasers for every skin shade
We customise treatments for our clients to suit their specific skin tone and hair colour. We are able to offer the right laser for each skin shades. We have one of the few lasers that are safe and effective on very dark skin shades.

Our Lasers:

The Gentle Max Pro - is a CLINICAL Laser machine that is the most effective laser machine on the market today. 

The Alexandrite laser -  is best suited to caucasian skin types and gives the most affective treatments in minimal sessions for this skin type.

The Nd YAG laser - is the most efficient laser for Asian to Dark skin pigments. We have one of the very few laser machine that can successfully and SAFELY treat ALL skin shades.

We provide affordable treatments
IPL's are relatively cheap devices to buy and hence the cost of treatments are considerable less. Laser treatment prices on the market reflect upon the type of Lasers used and the number of treatment required. We aim to provide best results within 6 treatments in most areas. We provide payment structures, 'pay as you go' or package prices. What ever your financial ability, we can make it affordable for you. Its always best to come and discuss your requirements during a consultation when we can work out the best available deal.