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Who can't  we wax?

People who have the following:


- Diabetes

- Epilepsy

- Moles

- Hypersensitive skin

- Oedema

- Phlebitis

- Pregnancy

- New scar tissue (under 3 months old)

- Psoriasis

- Poor circulation

- Skin diseases

- Undiagnosed Lumps and Bumps

- Sunburn

- Varicose Veins                                

- Prescribed Medicine


People who are on the following:


- Retin A

- Accutane

- Glycolic Acid

- AHA Skin care









If you suffer from any of the above or use any of the following products, we will need a doctors written consent in order to carry out the treatment. This may be an inconvenience to you and we really don't like to turn clients away but we always want to work in your best interest.