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Lycon Waxing

What is Lycon?


It is formulated with the finest natural resins, bees wax and sensuous aromatherapy, LYCON deliver superior results, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm like no other. LYCON provides a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra client comfort, even on the most sensitive skins. This will prevent hair breakage, in-grown hairs, bruises and redness and the painful sting associated with strip waxing, therefore leads to softer smoother skin for longer.

What makes it pain free?


The PRE-WAXING OIL we apply before the wax creates a barrier between the skin and the wax. This means the wax is not being pulled with the skin, which is what hurts. This wax only grips the hair allowing 50% less pain.

What is the difference between hot wax and strip wax?


Lycon hot wax, the wax is spread thickly onto the skin after the skin has been cleansed and allowed to dry slightly. It is quickly but gently peeled off. Plus with hot wax the area treated will not be sticky afterwards. We highly recommend the bikini area for the hot wax treatment.  


Lycon Strip Waxing is for less sensitive areas such as legs and arms. With strip wax, the wax is spread thinly all over the area then a paper strip is applied and pulled off, leaving smooth sexy skin! Threading/Hot Wax or Strip Wax can be used on facial areas and underarms.

Brazillian, Hollywood or Au Natural?...What are you?

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Providing waxing services to those in: Hatch End, Pinner, Harrow, Eastcote, Rayners Lane and Ruislip

Strip Wax                              Standard           Lycon


Full legs                                       £20                 £23

Full legs and basic bikini             £26                 £28

3/4 legs                                        £16                 £18

Half legs                                      £13                 £14


Full arms and underarms            £18                 £21

Full arms                                      £13                £16

Half arms                                     £  9                 £11

Under arms                                  £ 7                  £ 8


Hollywood (all off)                        £25                 £28

Brazilian (landing strip)                £25                 £28

G-string (high leg)                        £19                 £22

Extended Bikini                            £12                 £13

Basic Bikini wax                           £  8                 £  9


Full back OR full front                  £15                  £18

Full back & Full Torso                  £25                  £28

Lower back                                  £10                   £11

Abdomen (stomach and sides)    £12                  £13

Centre Stomach                           £  8                  £  9





Full legs, full arms, underarms    £37                  £40


Full legs, full arms, underarms

and basic bikini                            £42                   £49


Full legs, full arms, underarms

and strip Hollywood                     £59                   £65


Full Legs, Full arms, under arms

Buttocks and full Torso                £72                     £78

Brazilian OR Hollywood           £37

G string                                     £27

Extended Bikini                         £20

Basic Bikini                               £15


Under arms                               £15

Full face                                    £30

Upper lip OR chin                     £  8

Sides OR neck                          £10

Lycon Hot Wax

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