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Laser Skin Tightening

Laser skin tightening is THE NEXT BEST THING!

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Cutting-Edge laser technology for facial skin tightening.


What areas can be treated?


we offer various combinations including


  • jaw and neck

  • jaw and cheeks

  • full face excluding forhead

  • full face including fore head


How does it work?


We use the NdYag lasers to heat the underlying layers of skin to a certain temperature. Our collagen fibres are like springs and over the years become lose, the laser heat shrinks up this fibre to give firmer, tighter skin but also produced new collagen. The result is similar to a facelift — without having the associated risks of going under the knife. The best thing is that the treatment takes approximatly 30mins and you will not experience any downtime so you can walk away ready to face the world. You will notive immediate signs of tightening and firming.



How many treatments will i need and what do i expect to see post treatment?


The skin will feel hot immediately after the treatment but this subsides very quickly. We recommend three of four treatments, a month apart. collagen is skill stimulated months after the treatment.


How much does it cost?


Jaw, chin and neck OR Jaw, chin and cheeks:

1 treatment    £120

4 treatments  £360


Full face and neck

1 treatment    £200

4 treatments  £600