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Urban Getaway Massages

Swedish massage

Swedish massage  uses a combination of different strokes to help reduce muscular pain, ease joint stiffness and counter stress. Feeling a bit stiff? This soothing treatment will get you nice and limber in no time...

During the massage, your therapist will combine a variety of techniques to help loosen up tense muscles and flush out toxins. Using oil or lotion to lubricate the skin, the therapist will combine gliding massage strokes with kneading, in addition to quick, firm hacking strokes. The latter drive out any toxins, whilst the smoother strokes improve circulation and help the body to flush out any nasties.


Indian Head massage

The Indian head massage is a type of massage that incorporates thescalp,  head, neck and shoulders with or without oil. This massage will relieve built up tension that can often result in headaches, migraines, neck and back pain.


Full or part body, steam, scrub and massage

Body cleanse and scrub to decongest blocked pores, deep exfoliating areas you cant reach. Hot towels aids in the cleansing of the skin. Followed by an invigorating massage to replace a peaceful and balanced sense of being. A truly melting experience.


Urban Getaways - let us take you on a journey of tranquility where your mind can float free. Start your experience in an ambience inspired from Marrakesh. Unwind with some complimentary mint tea before setting your senses free with one of our specialist massages.

Tailor made for you!

Back Neck and Shoulder                                                                30 mins                £35


Leg Massage                                                                                  20 mins                £25



Indian Head Massage                                                                    30 mins                 £35


Swedish Massage                                                                          60 mins                 £46


Swedish Massage                                                                          75 mins                 £55  



Hot Stone Back Massage                                                               30 mins                £40


Hot Stone Massage                                                                        60 mins                £58


Hot Stone Massage                                                                        75 mins                £68





Back ritual, scrub, steam, Cleans and Massage                            30mins                 £35


Back Scrub £ Wrap - includes steam, cleans and massage          40mins                 £45


Full Body Ritual, scrub, steam, cleans and massage                     60mins                 £59


Full Body Ritual, scrub, steam, cleans and massge                       75mins                 £69

Providing a range of massage treatments to those in: Hatch End, Pinner, Harrow, Eastcote, Rayners Lane, Northwood & Ruislip

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